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We tell football and fans stories with a special focus on Ultras culture. We are involved in academic research, we help institutions in exhibiting football passion, we produce videos, we publish articles, we produce exhibitions. We also offer consulting to companies needing experience in security and crowd management for special football events.

news and events
Sébastien Louis : Ultras, a talk in Marseille

Sébastien Louis comes back to Marseille for a talk on italian Ultras history. À l’occasion des 50 ans du mouvement… Read More

Le stade, reflet de la société

Le stade, reflet de la société : Sébastien Louis interview in La Provence. For french speakers, Sébastien Louis tells to… Read More

La passion s’accroît en raison des obstacles qu’on lui oppose – Coté Tribunes – Le monde

Samedi 29 septembre 2018, après vingt-deux mois d’ostracisme, la Horda Frenetik, groupe ultras du FC Metz retrouve enfin le secteur… Read More