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Ultras : the book

Ultras : the book

Ultras : the book published by Mare et Martin, available in French and in Italian, published by Meltemi.

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We are at the moment mainly focused on our journey through Ultras arab speaking groups in the cities of Asia, mediterranean and atlantic Africa. A distant proximity with young people sharing the Ultras way of life: from the stadium to the life in the «polis». 

Collecting photos, videos, objects. 

An interdisciplinary documentary work:  art and research, history and sociology.

We spread our pictures and objects throughout exhibitions in museums and public institutions.

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We tell football and fans stories with a special focus on Ultras culture. We are involved in academic research, we help institutions in exhibiting football passion, we produce videos, we publish articles, we produce exhibitions. We also offer consulting to companies needing experience in security and crowd management for special football events.


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We tell football and fans stories with a special focus on Ultras culture. We tell about cties shaped by the passion of football.

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Les Ultras

L’institut Français d’Algérie présente une sélection de We need no education - Jeunesse Ultras Maroc  Algérie Indonésie Une enquête photographique de Giovanni Ambrosio. Avec Sébastien Louis, chercheur