We need no education – Press release


We need no education – Press release

The forecourt of Rotondes, a multidisciplinary center in Luxembourg City, hosts a photo exhibition unveiling part of the culture of ultras football fans with their norms, codes, rituals, slogans and instruments : We need no education. We have 5 cities, each with 12 pictures. Casablanca, Algiers, Al-khalil, Sakhnin, Tétouan. For Casablanca we show how the city is shared by Winners (Wydad) and by groups supporting the Raja : Green Boys, Ultras Eagles, Derb Sultan. The documentary pictures are mixed with some staged pictures. For Tétouan we have 9 portraits : six members of Los Matadores, 3 portraits from members of Siempre Paloma, 2 scenes in the stadium, and one staged scene with a banner from Siempre Paloma. In Algiers we tell about one specific group : Ultras Verde Leone in their life before, during and after the matches. In Al-khalil we are with Ultras Khalele during a match in Bethlehem and straight after at the group meeting point in the center of Al-khalil. Eventually, in Sakhnin we spend some days with Ultras Sakhnin starting from a match day.

We need no education – Press Release

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