About Football & Cities

As I and Sébastien Louis go around quite a lot for our Offside Productions projects, especially for our long term documentary project Ultras Youth,  we usually come across the beauty of cities from a very special point of view: football passion. Walking in unknown cities, our guides are ultras graffitis on the walls, casual passers by wearing football shirts, ultras from local groups we work with.

We perfectly remember the day of the idea of such a blog was born : Jericho, Palestine, August 2015. We are working for the Mucem Marseille, we are involved in one of the Enquêtes/Collectes missions that have been organized to collect objets and informations for the exhibitions Nous sommes Foot. It’s about two p. m. and we are stupidly cycling in the city, the temperature is, more or less, 48° Celsius. We are searching for an incredible graffiti hand painted on a wall of a small building : Pisa Merda. Believe or not.

That peculiar day we both thought that we would write one day a guide of Jericho including the path towards this football monument.

And then, yes, we have to find for accommodation, restaurants, museums…  mundane life.

Giovanni Ambrosio