Offside Productions

A project led by Sébastien Louis, writer and researcher, and Giovanni Ambrosio, photographer. We tell football and fans stories with a special focus on Ultras culture. We are involved in academic research, we help institutions in exhibiting football passion, we produce videos, we publish articles, we produce exhibitions. We also offer consulting to companies needing experience in security and crowd management for special football events.

Giovanni Ambrosio

Visual Artist. Photographer His personal projects are based on formal structures of art photography allowing variations of content and argumentation. He also develops a body of works based on minimalist painting, gesture and photography. His commissioned works can also, and sometimes simultaneously, lead him to work as art director, writer and graphic designer. His collaboration with Sébastien Louis started in 2015, for the first research mission for Mucem Marseille. A photography fund (named after Giovanni Ambrosio) in museum’s public collection resulted from the a different missions : Israel/Palesteine 2015, Israel 2016, Algeria 2016, Italy 2016. Born in Naples, Italy, in 1978, Giovanni Ambrosio lives in Paris and Naples. He was initiated into photography, from a perspective marked by documentary narrative, by the Neapolitan photographer Sergio De Benedittis. Later he studied at the Photography and Contemporary Art department of Paris VIII University. Previously, his studies were mainly in literature at the University of Naples Orientale. In France, he obtained the DEA Cinema, Literature and Society issued by the University of Paris X-Nanterre.

Sébastien Louis

Writer. Researcher.
Phd history graduated at the University of Perpignan with a doctoral thesis in Ultras supporters in Italy, he turned into one of major specialists in Ultras movement in Europe and North Africa.

He regularly appears in the international press and at conferences in Europe, Asia and Africa. Along side his professional activities, he continues his research and carries on his writings. His latest work Ultras, the other protagonists of football published in 2017 by Editions Mare and Martin is a reference.

He has been collaborating since 2014 with various institutions such as UNESCO and museums (Mucem in Marseille, MHVL in Luxembourg, Musée de la vie wallonne in Liège) as an expert of football supporters and their practices. He highlights the heritage of football popular culture.